Activities and Events Agenda


   Welcome to the Activities and Events Agenda. Here you can see the activities programmed in the various rooms of the Spanish Center, both classes, courses and workshops as well as rooms booked by members. We recommend that you check it out frequently if you want to be up to date on any news and that you call us to verify availability.

   As you might have noticed, we already had an small calendar on the right side of our site. It will remain there with the name of Events, with a litle explanation about some activities showing when you move your mouse on top of the highlighted days.

   We try to do our best to ensure that our Agenda is always as up to date as possible. However, we remind you that the hours that appear as free may still be reserved for private activities, or activities not meant for the general public. For this reason, no booking will be accepted without prior checking with the person/s responsible for the Agenda, and only after their confirmation. The Spanish Center reserves, as usual, the right to ask the members to cancel an activity (or modify the time schedule) if it's deemed necessary for the best interest of the Center and its members in general.


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