Update: General assembly of members 2016


Dear friends and members,

  Following Art 14.5 of the Statutes in force , one member of the association Mr. Antonio Aguilar, has put forward an alternative proposal of text for new Statutes. The general Assembly will consider whether this proposal is accepted, rejected or integrated together with the existing proposal. Article 14.5 states that if the call for assembly and proposals are already sent to members , the ongoing Executive Committee is bound to add a complementary proposal to be discussed.

  However the resigning Executive Committee wants to underline that the association is a Dutch Law association, following the Book II of the Civil Code and is registered according to Dutch law, and that its proposal to modify the statues is also following the same scheme and will be based upon the Dutch legal text of the statutes, which has to be presented to a Notary before being submitted to the Chamber of Commerce (KvK) for final registration, as long as with the Mayor´s Office of The Hague and the Ministry of Interior of The Netherlands. The basic aim of the Executtive Committe and a ad hoc working party is to create a full legal capacity for the association to intervene in commercial activities, keeping always the non-profit final aim, as the Duthc law allows it, following interpretation of Arts. of the Dutch Civil Code (BW) 2:50a y 300a which state that entities with legal personality ( as associations-verenigings) can also perform professional, economic or commercial activities, keeping at the same time the non-profit character and reinvesting all potential benefits in the immaterial aim of the legal person. The General Assembly hopefully would endorse this proposal that the existing Executive Committee is submitting for its consideration and , in the given case, its approval for this precise legal change.

Kind regards.


 Statutes Centro Español 06 - Antonio Aguilar