General Assembly of Members 2016
Sunday, 28 February 2016



Dear members,

   We would like to inform you about the upcoming General Assembly, in extra-ordinary and ordinary sessions, to be held on Sunday February 28th at 15.00 pm in the social bar (cafeteria) of the Center and to which you are all invited to attend.
   After the meeting we will hand out the new membership cards to all those members who have formalized their registration as a membership, and there will be a tasting of Spanish wine accompanied by the performance of Jonay.

   Points to be discussed:


A. Extraordinary session:

   1- Summary of activities and projects in 2015
   2- Modification of statutes

   3- Election of the new management board


B. Ordinary session:
   4- Presentation of accounts and budget 2016
   5- Proposals for 2016


6- Questions and answers


Sincerely yours,

The Management Board “Centro Español La Haya”



Old statutes

 Statutes of 1984

 Statute of Spanish citizens abroad



Statutes proposal 2016

 Estatutos - ES - Propuesta de modificacion 2016

 Statuten - NL - Met modificaties 2016

 Statuten - NL - Origineel geconverteerd