For the celebration of the Día de la Hispanidad

the Presidente of the Spanish Centre The Hague

D. Juan Carlos Suárez

on behalf the Management Board and associates of the Spanish Centre

is honoured to invite you to the Open Day which will take place

next saturday 13th October 2012, from 14:00 hours till 20:00 hours

Dear partners,

  we are pleased to announce you that after 50 years of Spanish immigration in The Netherlands, as acknowledge of the work done all these years by the Management boards and associates of the Spanish Centre The Hague, the Spanish Ministry for Employment and Social Security has considered us to be awarded with the Silver Medal of Immigration.

   The medals, to the Spanish Centre The Hague and other centers also awarded, will take place next 9th October, at 11:00 hours, in the building of the Spanish Centre. The medals will be delivered by the Secretary General for Immigration, Mrs. Marina del Corral Téllez.

  We hope to see you there,


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