About us


   The Centro Español La Haya is an association which was established the 1st of February 1983, although its origins start years earlier when a group of Spanish immigrants joined together in order to have a place to meet and to share their moments all together. The original name of the association is Sociedad de Trabajadores Españoles (STE) (Spaanse Arbeidersvereniging), although historically its associates refer to it like the “Spanish Center” and that is the reason with the name at the register remains just for administrative issues.


   The statutes of the Centro Español La Haya where registered at the notary on 31st January 1984, being the Management Board then composed by:
  •Mrs Evelia Barrios De Platone
  •Mr Juan Manuel Robles Julian
  •Mr Julio Lasierra Martinez

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   The Centro Español La Haya is located in the centre of The Hague, at Korte Lombardstraat n°6 and includes in its facilities a social bar, which currently opens from Thursday to Sunday, another lounge for events and two classrooms which are to be used by the associated, for cultural events (lessons of languages, music, dance, etc.) and private events of the associates (children parties, birthdays, etc)..

  The Centro Español La Haya has as main objectives, established in its statutes:
  •To stimulate the relations between the Spanish and Dutch citizens
  •To promote that the Spaniards living in The Netherlands do not forget their cultural links
  •Promote cultural and social events


  We aim to achieve these objectives via de following activities:
  •Promote culturally and socially the Spaniards living in The Netherlands
  •Implement educational, cultural and social activities
  •Implement the welfare of the Spaniards in The Netherlands
  •Cooperate with other associations